Highlighting henndigoed hair = green hair?

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I wish I had known this before putting indigo on my hair. I had wanted to dye my hair black, but I'm now indecisive about it. I've used indigo, but just a touch, as in about a 1/4 tsp. in a 1/2 cup of henna. My hair got a touch darker than it would with a normal henna treatment. I don't think going darker than this will be very flattering on me, but I'm still deciding.

I did a search on indigo, which lead me to a thread on longhaircommunity.com. I'm not very familiar w/the site, but they seem to know what they're talking about. What I want to know is, from using a small amount of indigo and knowing that it fades, do I still run the risk of green hair if I want to highlight overtop? I'm thinking about doing a few highlights in front. I know I want a change, but can't decide which direction to take. If I choose highlights, will a strand test give me a good indication? I henndioged about a month ago. I haven't noticed any fading.


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    Hmmmm. Seems all I've read about henna is that you cannot lift it out with bleach. It is truly a permanent thing. I would do some deep research about that before you let any chemical lighteners within 5 feet of your head!
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    Yeah, I've decided not to go with highlighting because I remember how damaging it was to my hair before. I would like to get away from henna/indigo though because it is just too messy, timely, and clogs my drain. The problem is, I need to color my hair b/c I get grays coming in that I don't want. Henna/indigo is so much better on my hair than chemical color.

    I put this on the henna thread on the 4a board, but will ask here, too: what about relaxers and henna/indigo reactions? Would relaxers be more likely to affect my hair badly w/henndigo versus coloring with chemical dyes (I've never done a relaxer on dyed hair before.)?

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