Second day hair help!

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I don't remember if I am 3a or 3b....but I know I have curls :D I dont know what to do for second day hair. I usually "pineapple" at night, with my hair either in a ponytail or bun (my hair is long so the bun helps it not get too tangled) up on top of my head. Sometimes I put water + gel in. The next morning, there's a really cool curl pattern, but my hair ranges from crunchy to frizzy. It is really frustrating because I'll go to school and my hair is ok, but after one or two classes my hair is frizzy and un defined.
I am only using garneir fructis creme conditioner and la looks sport gel. I'm looking for a new gel because LAS is really iffy result wise for me.
(day one-a bit frizzy [?] and hoping my hair will be ok for Easter)


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    I love Donna Marie's Moisture Mist for second day hair. Before I started using it, I used to have something similar. My hair would get progressively more frizzy as the day worn on. I spray it on my hands & scrunch it in. My hair will still have some surface frizz occasionally but it still looks good & I still get compliments. I love the volume of my 2nd day hair.
    Type: 3a fine & dense,with normal porosity, terrible product junkie
    ROUTINE: LI, enhancer, gel, plop with Curlease towel, serum product (either CIAB or Gel-les'c), clip & diffuse.
    Too many favourite products to list ... I finally have my routine that works and alot of products to choose from. My product stash is huge, but well loved !!!