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Hi all,
I looking for some advice on what to do about my hair. I've been natural for 2 years now and decided that I was going to wear my natural hair, meaning not braids or a weave. When I first began doing this, my hair was doing well. It was growing the way that I had hoped & dreamed and was manageable for the most part. I had gone to a Dominican hair salon twice and gotten my hair to see the actually length of my hair and to try something different. Within the last couple of months, I have noticed that my hair has drastically broken off, and I am not sure why. What can I do to get my hair back on the right track to growth and healthiness? Currently, I am wearing my hair in micros to give it a break and hopefully ignite it back to growth & health. What can I do to get my natural hair back great & growing, so I can return to wearing it out or pulled up into an Afro bun.

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