Hi everyone!
I'm new and really confused... What us co-washing? Is it just using conditioner or what? And what/how do you plop (idk how to spell it?)? I have around 3a hair....any suggestions?
Confused on how to keep my hair not frizzy....


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    Plopping is one of my favorite methods! It gives me great curls -- better than just scrunching with my microfiber towel and airdrying! Here's a link:

    How To Plop |

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    Thanks for the links! But I am kinda worried...if I co-wash will my hair still be "cleaned"?
    Confused on how to keep my hair not frizzy....
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    Your hair will still get cleaned. Be sure to massage your scalp really well with the conditioner and while rinsing to loosen and wash away the dirt and move the oils down your hair. Be sure to use a "cone" free conditioner. I like tresseme naturals.

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    Thanks just making sure! I'm going to try that conditioner
    Confused on how to keep my hair not frizzy....