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Hi- I'm looking for advice on hair extensions for my 3b curly hair. I'm a new member and will upload a photo soon. I've had extensions twice, for my thinning hair. The first time, the texture wasn't right (too smooth) and the second time, the Great Lengths extensions, that were cut in half to lessen the load on my own hair, looked like looked like stringy tight waves, not curls. Help ! I NEED to wear extensions . Thanks for any help/advice.


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    Hi CurlyTapr. Im new to this whole thing as well. I'm in my 2nd day (3b) and can see a huge difference in volume. I would hate doing my hair curly because it was soo thin and just not very manageable. I also had great lengths extensions about 10 years ago and I ran into the same problem as you did, so I guess they really haven't changed that much. Another thing I notice is that it wasn't very friendly/gentle to my hair. I think it was because it was just too much hair already pulling on my fine damaged hair and I had them cut a considerable amount like you did. I have purchased some curly human hair clip on extensions on ebay that were a very reasonable price, but the curl also seemed to get stringy and the clips were kind of thick, other than that they were ok for a pony tail or other elaborate hairstyles. There is a site that has curly hair wefts and for an extra fee I think they sew in clips for you, I would get the smallest clips they have. If you really want to get extensions I would go the clip on route...they are considerably gentler to your hair than other forms of extensions. Plus, you can just take them off and give your hair as much of a break from them as often as you can. Another option you might want to consider is a wig. They have beautiful human hair wigs out there with all kinds of curl patterns that look gorgeous. Many celebrities wear them and no one even notices. I love wigs myself and they are not damaging to your hair, just a thought.

    Lastly, although I don't know your situation or the amount of thinning, in just the two days that I have not used Shampoo and used an $.89 Conditioner from Suave Naturals, along with working drugstore $1.50 bottle of Aloe Vera gel into my hair with my fingers and then putting it up in a t-shirt using the plopping method and then diffusing, the results are really outstanding!! My aunt thought that I was wearing a wig because of how much volume it gave me!

    I hope I've been some help....here is the site I was talking about if you decide to go in that direction.

    Virgin Curly Indian Remy for Curly Hair Extensions

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