Finally got FSG to work for me

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I've been trying FSG intermittently for the last three years, hoping for something to totally transform my hair but I've finally realised that nothing will. KY gel gives me smooth curls with hold, when the weather is wet, but gets sticky and icky if I use it more than 2 or 3 times in a row and the weather is warming up here.

So...I made a fresh batch of FSG (thanks to whoever said you can do it in the microwave, one tablespoon of seeds, half a big cup of water, three minutes in the microwave stir every minute, strain and whisk like mad).

It came out really thick and for the first time I put it on soaking wet hair and used two handfuls (usually a fingertip amount of anything is too much for my fine short hair).

Scrunched dry in a microfibre towel and diffused and my fluffy, wavy curls were curlier and much less fluffy and my usually haphazard growth pattern seemed pulled into shape - my hair changes direction all over my head and it usually looks weird, this time it almost looked styled!

I've gone on using it for a fortnight now and my hair, which has never before been the same two days running, has been consistently good.

AND it doesn't feel sticky or as if it's got anything in it at all and I can even re-apply it on second day hair if I want - normally I can't use anything extra at all on the second day without it feeling horrible and looking worse.

It hasn't dramatically changed my hair into something it's not, (which I wanted CG generally to do!) but, coupled with a bit of hair acceptance learned from this site, it's a vast improvement.


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    That's awesome! Good for you! I finally figured out how to use it, too! I had a new idea to use cornstarch as a thickener in my FSG, and with the help and advice of some ladies on here, I got it to work, and my FSG has never been better! I was using it with a gel that made me itch, though, so I haven't re-made a batch since I ran out, but when I made it, it was working great. ;)
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    I didn't know you could make it in the microwave. That is a great idea. That would be awesome for people trying it for the first time.
    Glad it is working for you. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    Microwave FSG... scary. I once set a paper bag on fire in the microwave making popcorn. OT - if you have a fire in your microwave, get the fire extinguisher ready BEFORE you open the door because when the room air hits that fire - whoosh!

    Alycat sounds like our latest FSG poster girl! Good for you.
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    I saw the cornstarch/FSG thread, couldn't work out if it would improve things for me or not. Might try it at some point but at the moment I'm sticking with plain FSG, gelatine PT and a tiny bit of jojoba oil as a pre-wash sometimes - my hair's pretty happy, for the first time ever! So am I!

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