Dark color ruined my natural curly texture! HELP!

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Hi! I'm new to this site and this is my very first post! I'm an African American female, with natural, dark hair (about a 2 I've been told), and my curls are a 3c (I think). I stopped relaxing my hair quite some time ago, and hadn't colored it since I went natural. My typical summer style is "wash and go": I leave conditioner in it (usually pantene for women of color), add a little oil and Infusium, and let it air dry. Last summer, I had a great stylist/colorist dye my hair a gorgeous auburn/red with blond and auburn/honey blonde highlights. Perfect. My curls were still amazing! My texture was the same!

About six months later my new growth was really noticable, and in general, I wanted my natural color back. Unfortunately the initial hair woman I went to wasn't available. So, I went to a different stylist I've know for some time (not at the same salon). I told her what color I initially was (about a 2), and she dyed it back. The color matched perfectly (even now, 5 months later, you can't tell where my new growth/natural color starts). As soon as she washed the color out, my hair felt like STRAW! It's was dry, felt weird (compared to how it usually feels after I was it), and almost matted together :sad1:

Now, when I try to "wash and go" my curls, well, they don't curl. If I could compare it to anything, it looks as if I had a relaxer and tried to "scrunch" my hair to get the curly effect. And of course my new growth at the top (which has my old texture), ends up looking kinda of fuzzy in comparison to the straighter texture of the hair that's colored.

Do you have ANY suggestions on how I can get my naturally curly texture back? Are there any products that will help either reverse the effect of the harsh dye, or do I just have to wait until my hair grows out?

Please help me! I'd appreciate any feedback or advice you might have!


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    well, im not sure if its damaged for good. i can say though that theres been times when i would get my hair colored and it would loosen my curl pattern for a little while, but after some time woudl go by they would go back to how they were before. after a certain point though they were just looser and looser and didnt really go back. id say, just keep it super moisturized. make sure you protect it at night. i wouldnt color it anymore, or put any heat to it. just nurse it and see how it does. if your curls come back with a little time and moisture. if they dont just cut a little at a time while it grows and eventually the damage will get cut off.
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    You might try a protein treatment, too. Either a moisturizing protein treatment or use a protein treatment followed by a deep treatment moisturizing conditioner.

    I dye my hair often (every 3 weeks), and it seems to need protein periodically. Also, I was just listening to a podcast about hair dye (Paula Begoun), and the colorist recommended using a protein treatment immediately after dying instead of the waxy conditioner provided by the box of color. This really seems to imply that dyed hair needs protein. (I usually apply protein about a week after dying, but I'm going to try this method next time.)

    Good luck!
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    Thank you both sooo much!!! I'm definitely going to keep it super moisturized! I actually scheduled a consultation with a stylist who specializes in natural hair care, and hopefully she can recommend a routine and some products to help repair the damage :lol:. I'll keep you posted!

    P.S. This is a FANTASTIC forum! Very informative and supportive!

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