Annoying comments made by ur family about ur hair?

7nicole37nicole3 Posts: 30Registered Users
So I hate how many times my parents say stuff about my hair, like my mom always says "I liked your hair back were we used to live" and then looks at it with this annoying facial expression, well sorry mom we don't live is a humid climate any more, and sorry I can't really control exactly how curly my hair turns out! Or sometimes she would say things like why do u do that to ur hair? Umm I don't do anything to it, it's just how it is, what am I supposed to do about it?

I Have only had curly hair for 3 years, and when it was straight she woul always tell me how she wished it was curly, make up ur freaking mind!

Sorry I just went on a rant but god it just annoys me more some days then others, have any of ur guys parents ever said stupid stuff like that?
cant wait to grow it out!!


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