Newbie to my hair...

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Hi! I finally figured out how to post! I don't know why it took me so long.... Anyways I'm not sure what type of curly hai my hair is...i think it's around 3a or 2a it depends.. I just had a "IM SMART" moment when I realized I should make my curly hair healthy. I used to brush my hair out, now I use a wide comb. I use Herbal Essences Totally Twisted products. Another problem: my hair gets frizzy even after I put the products in. And when I wake up in the morning my curls are just..blah...they just look dead.
So help!!! Btw..I'm thirteen and my hair is layered..
Confused on how to keep my hair not frizzy....


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    Hey IGirl I can relate I have layers hair too! Because of my hair type I can't do overnight curls I have to take a shower in the morning then style. But if u r looking to style ur hair overnight I would recommend plopping it overnight with an all cotton shirt or towl ( if u don't know what plopping is look it up on YouTube or I'm sure somebody has posted how) also products I like that help keep my frizz levels down is curls up mouse also tresemme stuff always works for me! All those products are cheap! Also frizz means dryness so I would recommend getting a deep conditioner if u can get it I know what it's like having o ask ur parents to buy u all this hair stuff ( I'm 13 also) ummm I use a leave in conditioner evry other day which seems to help! So yea I hope this helped!
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    Thanks for all your tips!!
    Confused on how to keep my hair not frizzy....
  • Violet:)Violet:) Posts: 13Registered Users
    Uhh I used the Treseme conditioner and now my hair is greasy(?) near the that supposed to happen
    Confused on how to keep my hair not frizzy....

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