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I just did a wash with baking soda mixed with shampoo, followed by an ACV rinse, then I applied Aubrey Organics Island conditioner.
It feels so much better, it was feeling very yukky, crunchy and when I was washing it would usually feel very matted, not good!
I am letting it airdry, I have applied some Apivita propoline mask for dehydrated hair as a leave in, this is my all time favourite mask, its full of goodies and my hair drinks it in!
I have now got the next 6 days off work so I am really going to go as pure CG as I can!!
I am hoping for good results!


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    Good luck! And enjoy your vacation! I find I have to clarify every once in awhile or my scalp gets too gunked up and my hair also feels all matted!
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    What is an ACV rinse?
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    Apple Cider Vinegar. I use a 20 ounce sports bottle and add about 2 tbsp of ACV and fill the rest with warm water, rinse through hair. I do it once or twice per month, too much dries my hair out.

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