Hair drying tips for CRAZY curls?

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So my hair is the definition of thick, curly, and unruly. But it doesn't look that way when it's wet at all (as i assume is the same with most curly hair). What are some tips to helping my hair dry in a more tamed manner?
Hair when wet:

Hair when dry:

Right now my routine is to scrunch Jungle (from LUSH) and Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier, twist each curl individually, and blow dry. This so far has been the best turnout for me, but it's still not what i'm looking for (a little too "little bo peep" for me). Is flatter hair just wishful thinking?

How my hair looks when i twist it:


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    Maybe after you rake the styler through your hair you can braid it and then take it out in the morning when it dries?

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    Seriously! Having moisterised hair can reduce the bulk, have you checked out the curly girl method? It really does make alot of differance! Also i get perfectly defined, absolutely flat curls if I apply my gel right after I get out of the shower, because usually I wring my hair out a little but if I don't and then I remove the water after I've drenched my hair in product then I get really one dimensional results! But I actually prefer alot of volume :) So, just try and play around with your hair!
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    I would suggest plopping (there are lots of articles about it on here!) first, and then leaving it to dry naturally, if you don't want it quite so big :)

    P.s., you have gorgeous hair! :D
  • SailaSaila Posts: 1,212Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    How are you blowdrying? Maybe look into the pixie curl method for blowdrying.

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