Q for curlies that flat iron.

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Didn't get a response in the straightening section so I figured let me try here before I go wet my hair.

Hi ladies, okay, so I decided to flat iron my hair, and myyyyy goodness. I couldnt imagine doing this regularly by myself. I blew out my hair on tuesday, then twisted it. Took them out saturday, into sunday and flat ironed sectiones, but at the ends is fuzzy and tangled. The root until almost the end has no problem straightening. First all I had was my regular oils in my hair, saw it was not getting bone straight, and then added a shine serum (no heat protectant nearby.) That didn't work for the ends but it appeared to help with the straightening. So all and all my hair still is a puff at the ends. What should I do? Do you think its the flat iron? I don't think it matters just throwing it out there. My iron is ceramic and even in small sections its not getting that straight. I do want it bone straight, but I'm not even getting "regular" straight. My hair is still big. Any tips would be nice.. Thanks.

This mornings update: Hair is thicker, and the whole point of doing this is to cut my ends and just wear it straight for a change.
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    This used to happen to me and I ended up getting 2" of perfectly healthy hair cut ( I thought these ends were raggedy) Turns out, All you have to do is comb chase (video) You can also use a denman type brush.

    This pulls your end curls apart instead of ironing them together into a knot.
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