Don't want wavy hair!!!

Lovethebiebs22Lovethebiebs22 Posts: 2Registered Users
I have 3a curly hair and when I straighten my hair it looks good but it turns wavy pretty fast. How do I stop that?


  • PRINCETONPRINCETON Posts: 872Registered Users
    It can depend on several things. First make sure to squeeze the flat iron tight and use a constant yet slow pull as you straighten. Use a comb as you guide thru the hair each time to keep the hair separated as it enters the flat iron casing.

    Make sure to not let moisture build up on your scalp and don't wet the hair. Water will undo the straightening process.

    Don't apply any grease or pink oil etc. You can use a very very small amount of coconut oil to keep it smooth and the oil will help block out the water.

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