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I have a few questions. I have done research on henna yet there is an overwhelming amount of information so I've figured its best to come to the source and get the right information.

I have really curly hair and do not plan to dye it. More then anything its to condition it and to use as a gloss and remove frizziness. I hear henna works great for this. Is there a henna I should choose? My hair has not been color though, I have done a sebastian brunette cellophane about three months ago and a organic keratin treatment two weeks ago. Though, the keratin did nothing to my hair.
What's the best henna to work with ?
3b/C with nicer curls on the bottom!
Hair: naturally very dry and VERY porous
hair seems to be moody.
Does not seem to like oils
Does not like protein or too much?
Does not like rich products

So, I ask myself. What does it like? That is the question, and I'm on a mission.


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    What color is your starting color? Henna is going to add a copperish tint to your hair. The lighter the hair, the more it's going to show. Really, if you're unfamiliar with henna, my reccomendation is to start with cassia. (also incorrectly referred to as nuetral henna) The results aren't as permanent as henna, but either is the color. 2 good sources are Henna for hair.com or hennasooq.com
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    Unfortunately, there's no way to get the benefits of henna without the color. Depending on how you use it and mix it, you can get less or more color, but your getting color either way. The best place to ask questions and get accurate info on henna is hennaforhair.com. They have a forum, and moderators are almost always on, and they're happy to help out and answer questions. Cassia is good, but if you want henna I'd start with a low dye content henna. Cassia is very similar to henna, but not exactly the same. I notice a difference between the two when I use them. I'm growing out henna right now, and am using cassia to reap some of the henna benefits.
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    It depends...

    When I henna, I add lemon juice or something like that to the mix to brighten the red.. when I don't want to brighten the red then I only add water conditioner and oils...

    You can also try other herbs that will give you the same effect -- like cassia.

    Source: Personal experience and mehandi.com or hennaforhair.com
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