Transitioning hair styles

peakingdawpeakingdaw Posts: 8Registered Users
I have been transitioning for about 3 months and still have not found a good transitioning style. I am not really big on braid outs or twist outs. I have heard of people transitioning with buns. Is that a good transitioning style ?


  • pprMACHEheartpprMACHEheart Posts: 1,665Registered Users
    Bantu knot outs are also an option. Check youtube for a ton of variety on transitioning styles.

    I wasn't a bunner (LOL) when I transitioned, twist outs were my go to so that I could blend my two textures without getting frustrated.
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    Im 3 months as well my hair is just getting back to its thickness from all the color, flat iron, n perms ive put my hair under of course its not even close to my natural hair thickness but im havin a hard time findin hair styles. Ive been just braiding it at night n puttin it in a ponytail for the mornings my hair cant do a bun yet lol

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  • peakingdawpeakingdaw Posts: 8Registered Users
    Thx for your help. I really dont even do a full bun. I just put it in a ponytail and then I wrap the hanging part around my ponytail holder.

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