I need help with a turkey breast roast

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So I didnt read the turkey before I started opening it. I usually just plop my frozen meat into the crock pot with all the ingreidients I need and go on about my day. So thats what I was going to do with this, only once I started to open it I noticed it said you have to thaw it out if your putting it in the crock pot, and it also said do not open it before you thaw it. well half the wrapper was laying in the sink at that point. So right now its sitting in the fridge in a freezer bag. Can I put it in the crock pot frozen?? just cook it slow and longer? Or can it just thaw out in the freezer bag for a day? Will it ruin it the fact that its in a freezer bag and not its actually packaging? I can also attempt to cook it in the oven, frozen, I just dont know what type of pan if it needs to be in a cooking bag? things like that. this is a bummer! i was excited to have this for dinner tonight!
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