Spin Curl Dryer!

I was mindlessly browsing the internet tonight, and stumbeled across the Remington SpinCurl Dryer! I got a good chuckle out of it. Its a hair blower that you stick your hair into and it blow dries it into a tightly wound curl. Just watching the video reviews on youtube and peoples hair spinning around and around in the hairblower attachment was just funny! Its nice to seem straightees trying to get curly hair :)

So what do you guys think of this dryer, has anyone heard of it before?

This is video on youtube for the dryer

YouTube - Remington Spincurl
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  • gianna910gianna910 Registered Users Posts: 78
    I honestly dont like it. The end results doesnt look as nice and it's like the hair is getting beat up in the dryer attatchment. Just too cruel. I personally think it's just a waste of time and money.
  • CheetaraCheetara Registered Users Posts: 2,182 Curl Neophyte
    That thing scares the ish out of me.
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  • LISA LISALISA LISA Registered Users Posts: 566
    It's like a hot air hair blender.
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  • hippiechic81hippiechic81 Registered Users Posts: 1,239
    This looks like a hair disaster waiting to happen!!! I think curling irons would be a safer bet.
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  • waterlily716waterlily716 Registered Users Posts: 781
    Wouldn't that make your hair really tangled? And if your hair has a natural wave to it all I bet it would frizz later on...
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  • wavynwild16wavynwild16 Registered Users Posts: 2,121
    Wow, this would make me laugh! Just the idea of it is kinda strange. Whimaway is so right -- any kind of frizz prone hair that enters that whirling mass of wind is going to be one horror later! That thing would scare me, though. I'm good sticking with my diffuser... ;)
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  • SunshineGrrlSunshineGrrl Registered Users Posts: 3,823 Curl Neophyte
    Ummm...there is no way the curls on that hair model came from that hair dryer alone. Those are clearly curling iron curls.

    That being said, I think it would be freaking awesome to every once in a while use this hair dryer for a really edgy club hairstyle by not separating the twists and putting a little pomade on them to keep them from frizzing. But I'm pretty sure I could get a similar result without buying the dryer.

  • curlylew66curlylew66 Registered Users Posts: 1,685
    I actually think it is pretty cool.
    There are a lot of youtube videos with people using it .
    I am happy there is a product out there promoting curls instead of stick straight hair.
  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
    I'd try it. What the hell? I'm not prone to frizz.

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