Any one here try curl formers?

nes223nes223 Posts: 347Registered Users
Been youtubing these all day and I'm very tempted


  • montREALadymontREALady Posts: 1,210Registered Users
    I want to, I'll probably order a pack.
    Short and narrow. I only have the front of my hair to work with since the back is too short.

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  • OnduleeOndulee Posts: 1,264Registered Users
    I haven't but I really want to. Do they have a medium very narrow category? that matches my natural clump size the best....
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  • nes223nes223 Posts: 347Registered Users
    heres a link to all they have

    Curly Hair Products | Hair Curlers | Create Curly Hair Styles

    looks like its only short, long, or extra long

    they give u exact hair lenghs tho so you could measure your hair and see which would work for you

    i really want to try these!! lol Id probably need the extra long and wide ones...just seems like it would take forever to do my whole head..

    still want them!:blob4:
  • 2b802b80 Posts: 3Registered Users
    Currently transitioning 4a/b type hair and I LOVE them. One of the best investment I have made since I let go of the relaxer . I bought the kit at sally's. Styling time takes me about 45 minutes to put them in, I leave them in overnight and wake up with beautiful ringlets. The first time you use them is an adjustment.but after putting about three in I was set. Just remember not to overload each rod with hair.. Too much and the curlformer will not thread ..