Need hair tips for going on vacation!

socksrock98socksrock98 Posts: 1Registered Users
I'm going on a school trip to greece at the end of may and i need to know what to do with my hair! it will most likely be very hot out and we won't be able to take very long showers...i might not even be able to wash my hair at all on a lot of days. what are some ideas for keeping my hair looking its best?


  • happytreefunhappytreefun Posts: 59Registered Users
    They have these products for second day hair for curls. I'm not sure if it works you might have to test it before cuz i just saw it on tv. Just make sure that when you do take showers you take your normal steps, like products, for making your hair look its best. Then, add some spray to lock in moisture (Devacurl Set it Free is great) and your all set! Hope this helped and have a great time in Greece! Your soooo lucky!

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