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okay, i was browsing the vids on when i came across this little beauty;;

it's turning a black woman's curls straight. i didn't see her hair before, so i can't tell if her hair is nice or not. it probably is. here's my list on why this video bugs me.

first, he describes her hair as EXCESSIVELY curly. excessive? wtf?!
second, on the side it says "a curl friendly method". curl friendly, huh? then why is he BRUSHING product through WET hair. tsk tsk tsk
third, he says, and i quote, "this is how we go from really curly, to beautiful model straight hair". right, because curls are SOOO ugly.

you have to see the video to believe it...
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    I think that at the end of the day, they're trying to sell a product. In order to do that, they need to demonstrate (truthfully or not) that their product solves a problem. Which means, in this case, that they need to tell women that they have a problem. Calling 3 or 4 hair "excessively curly" isn't so great, though.
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    Whoa that place scares me to death. I buy my makeup at the clinique counter in dept. stores, but I shopped at sephora for a few xmas gifts recently and wow. I felt like I was at a circus. The women working there looked like clowns! It wasn't just that they wore a ton of makeup; they wore a ton of makeup very badly. I would take any of their advertisements with a grain of salt. Very tacky store.
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