keeping the curls???

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I have transitioned more chemicals!!!

I want to know how to keep my curls in after i shampoo and condition my hair. it gets frizzy and afro looking an dmy curls kinda disapear when i towel dry i not supposd to...or am i towel drying it too much? does it get like that because i still have chemicaled ends?:confused3:


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    I think you need to use a conditioner that moisturizes your hair. Or use a serum for curly hair.
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    I find putting a clear gel on wet hair and letting it air dry helps keep it from getting frizzy. Also I don't towel dry usually, it also makes my hair get frizzier. :happy3: But that's just me.
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    U need to rub pure shea butter into the ends at night and rinse in the mourning... it works..

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    Towel drying by rubbing your hair may be a contributing factor, especially if you use a terry cloth towel. Either of those is likely to ruffle the cuticle, and to separate individual hairs from each other. Using a smooth surfaced towel, or even an old T-shirt, to scrunch water out of your hair is less likely to raise the cuticle, and helps preserve clumps of like curls. The clumps then dry into defined curly locks. When the hairs are separated from each other, the curls make them stand away from each other, and create a bushy or frizzy appearance.

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    I second using a t-shirt instead of a cloth towel. You may want to try using hair product that are alcohol, sulfate, paraben, and silicone free. There products will make already dry hair worse. MopTop products are all silicone, alcohol, and sulfate free. Definitely add in a leave in conditioner and an anti-frizz gel.
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