Up-dos for messy curls!?

TheSimbaLookTheSimbaLook Posts: 13Registered Users
So when I wash my hair and blow dry it, it looks beautiful and amazing but then I sleep on it and in the morning.....wow.... It's just a disaster. It's still curly but it's way to messy to wear down. In this situation I do braids, side braid, messy bun, ballerina bun (in the worst situations) but I need more options!!!! I would love to hear what you guys do with your hair <3 thanks girls


  • XhahaXhaha Posts: 80Registered Users
    What I do is I will French braid my bangs ( or if u don't have bangs a front pics of hair) back into a medium pony tail and let my curls hang out kinda messy I think it's cute also I twist my bangs back and put my hair is a medium-low super messy bun and find a cute headband!

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