Dry dry curly hair

metallicachic28metallicachic28 Posts: 6Registered Users
So I feel that I have tried every single not too costly product that claims it will help put moisture into my hair, but nothing has worked at all. I used to have gorgeous curly hair, and then all of sudden it became dry, and totally unruly. Does anyone have any tips on products that definitely worked! I'm willing to splurge a little if I know it will get the job done.

My hair is in between a 3A-3B.


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    Don't shampoo every time you wash your hair but ALWAYS condition. I use 'herbal essence totally twisted' and it's like magic on my hair
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    Ok so I'm not sure how long your hair is but I would cut atleast one inch off Maby two if it's longer I know u might not wanna but it will just restore your curls and give them a little spring back also I'm using herbal essences tousle me softly moose and that's really good. Also don't wash Ur hair and when u do use a shampoo with no sulfate bed head foxy curls is a good cheap shampoo and conditioner without sulfate! Also a leave in conditioner that u can use evry day after a shower... Go to a drug store or a grocery store and there is Aton of cheap leav in conditioners. And lastly this is slightly more expensive but no more then $10 um doves oil therapy shampoo and conditioner! Works really well to restore moisture which wi define ur curls!
  • metallicachic28metallicachic28 Posts: 6Registered Users
    I haven't shampooed my hair in months. I only condition. I've tried the tousle me softly collection. It was completely ineffective. I also use leave-in conditioners,but that doesnt seem to do anything either. Any other products in mind??Or styling methods. I am thinking of actually going for a trim. The last time I did, my hair's condition didn't really change. Maybe I'll get a little more cut off.
  • lovely_locks105lovely_locks105 Posts: 27Registered Users
    the trim can help. i havent tried them, but i think the "curly hair solutions" products might be able to help you. they can be found in the "curlmart" part of this website. and depending on how dry your hair gets, you may want to shampoo to wash away any dead skin that can be waying your hair down and reducing the grease factor...i have a shampoo that has sulfates and stuff in it, but i was my hair with it once a week. but i Always condition
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    feeling your pain there, my curls were veery dry and crunchy, but they're starting to improve after using:
    -redken curl recovery treatment, (this is kinda expensive but it worked really well on my hair)
    -bedhead foxy curls shampoo and conditioner
    -hot oil treatments about once a week

    try shampooing only once a week and conditioning with a moisturizing product :)
  • XhahaXhaha Posts: 80Registered Users
    K use a leave in conditioner that's called fast food.... I know it sounds discusting but it has worked wonders I use it every other day and it took about a week for it to really show improvement! All my dry frizzy spots where more tamed it did make my hair a little fuzzy like not defined curls but then I used a gel to style my hair Also u should wash ur hair atleast every 2 weeks because product buildup will slow down the natural oils u have in ur hair that will put moisture back in ur hair
  • Frizzy Floridian FemmeFrizzy Floridian Femme Posts: 5Registered Users
    Don't shampoo every time you wash your hair but ALWAYS condition. I use 'herbal essence totally twisted' and it's like magic on my hair

    Totally Twisted is just glorious
    I spritz my hair with a mixture of water and conditioner in the morning to dampen it before I comb/brush/style. I also use herbal essences mousse (tousle me softly and totally twisted) and it's been working splendidly, however the humidity has spiked recently so I'm adjusting my formula, but up until now this has worked wonders for me, so it may be worth a try for you.
    If you seem skeptical at spraying your hair with water etc. at least be sure to try out herbal essences mousses and shampoo/conditioners ;)

    If they haven't worked for you, then try the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine line. The shampoo is great, and the styling creme works very well.
  • curlyindian75curlyindian75 Posts: 118Registered Users
    I heard shea moisture was really good. I haven't used it myself, but it seems to work for most people and I think their products are around $10
    3B,thick,medium/coarse,high porosity(i think),low elasticity
    DRYDRYDRY hair.
    CG since: 4/17/11
    cowash: tresseme naturals moisture or smooth
    rinse out: GFTN
    leave in: a little bit of my rinse out
    Stylers (gels): (if I feel like it) LALSG or Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel
    *Currently need: a good deep conditioning treament for my DRYDRYDRY hair- if you can suggest any good (cheapie) DTs, I would really appreciate it!

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