What was your favorite winter styling product combo?

greeneyes2greeneyes2 Posts: 161Registered Users
Wanted to ask since the winter season has just come to an end...
What styling product combo worked best for your curls during the winter months?
Trying CG method again after straightening the past 5 years. Hoping to get my curls back again! :)
2B Color treated


  • ththdththd Posts: 300Registered Users
    Sad to say I am too lazy to change my products or routine with the seasons. I have kept everything the same and just realize my hair will look different everyday and every season. Here in the Ohio Valley you can have sunshine one day and snow the next and then tons of rain the it's doing right now! There is no way I could keep up!
    V05 Lime cowash/SN Pomegranite RO FSG and LOOB
    I still use Tresemme Fine Mist hairspray for the side swept bangs...I can't live without it!
    Curl Genie: Medium-fine texture, normal porosity, low elasticity, medium density
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    I loved SS CEJ and CJ CCCC Lite. Im going to test them in the warmer weather, but I do have my favorites for summer as well :glasses2:
    - 2C - Coarse Canopy & med/fine underlayers
    - MOP C Hydrating 'poo
    - LOreal Natures Therapy Moisturizing condish, ION Effective Care, Garnier S&S (old formula)
    - treatments: CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Repair Me!
    - plopping, diffusing, and clipping the roots