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Just saying because I know how hard it is to find things on the coast, I usually have to wait till I have time to go down to Brizzy.

So......At Caloundra Health Foods-29 Bulcock Street, Caloundra QLD 4551.

I didn't spend too much time there as I plan to go back when I'm not so busy this week but I know they def have the Shampoo, Leave- In condish and the LA Styling Gel there were about 3 more products that I cant name off the top of my head. It was alot more expensive than what the girls are paying in the US ofcourse but still affordable if you really love the stuff, as I said...I'll fill you in when I go back
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    My local health food store sells it, but like you say it's very expensive. I really like one of the conditioners (forget the name) but I get it from the US - even with postage it works out cheaper. Nice to be able to get stuff on ground though.
    3b in South Australia.

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