help taming my curly hair

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ok so basically this is the first time ive grown out my hair. its still kind of short but its always been naturally really really curly and shiny especially wen wet. After it dries it still curly but really frizzy. It kind of just does its own thing I dont know how to control it. I need advice on like wat products to use and which gels you guys reccommend. Im hispanic and my hair is about 4 inches long.

some of the products that I here alot about are

elucense and kenra shampoo and conditioner
shea moisturizer leave in conditioner
eco styler olive gel
long aid hair activator gel
and s curl gel

what do you guys reccomend


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    I would recommend less shampoo and more conditioner. Also, let conditioner sit in hair for a couple minutes before rinsing. A light amount of coconut oil can help with frizz after you style.

    I recommend air drying and not even using a towel if you can.

    I wouldn't recommend the s-curl activator unless you have s-curl processed hair only because products like those typically rely on other products in the line to make them work good for your hair.

    I prefer independent products that I can mix up with products from any manufacturer.

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    Also, if your leave in recommends you have dry hair then try going against the direction and use when partially wet. Products work differently for each person. That might tame the frizz.

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    Thanks alot man. So how many times should I wash it. Everyday? Also is it bad to put gel in my hair everyday. And way type of hair do I have? I'm not sure if you can c the picture that I posted. I dnt have any product in that foto just water
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    Just another tip on drying your hair - the less you touch your hair when wet, the less frizz you get (in my experience.) A good leave-in conditioner helps too.

    It's hard to tell what your hair type is based on the pic, but I would guess 3b/3c maybe... Here is a link that'll help. Hair Types on
    - Jason
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    I do not have hair quite as tightly curled as you do, but what helps me is all the moisture that I can get. On warm humid days (I live in the North East of the U.S., so coming out of Winter sees us having a huge increase in humidity) it gets much curlier. Thickness of the hair matters too as does how coarse it is and porosity. It sounds like you probably at the moment (this seems to change a bit depending on hair health) have high porosity or medium porosity. This means that there aer holes in the hair shaft. Coarseness means how thick the hair is. A few posts on here have said if one can feel the hair between the fingers, then it is likelier than not a coarse hair. Coarse and porous hair does not generally like protein.

    Make sure you stay away from any products containing silicons as they tend to dry out the hair because they coat it and prevent moisture from getting into the hair shaft. Stay away from most things ending in "xane" and "con/cone". Basicamente algun cosa con con es mal jeje, no chiste hombre!. Sorry, couldn't resist the joke, but it is true. Basically, stay away from shampoo. Conditioner only would be my suggestion. If hard water is not a problem for you (I live in an area that is like 70% or more limestone, so hardwater is always a problem) then try water only washing.

    Here are some abbreviations that are tossed around which may not be familiar:

    co-wash- conditioner only wash

    wo- water only

    xane(s), cone(s),con(s)- silicons:Do NOT use

    EVOO- extra virgin olive oil (this one is pretty
    common but still shows up here)

    CGing- Curly Guying/Girling
    (obviously for us Guying): means no cones/xanes in
    products, don't worry, no one on here is going to look down on you for this method, the name is based on a book written by a woman who had curly hair, and we guys have apparently taken on her methods too because they work well

    Deep Conditioning- leave the product on the hair for about an hour (or over night and the following day if you are off/not going anywhere), then wash out with water. You can put on lots of deep conditioning stuff or not. I use varying amounts of my equal part mixture of olive oil grape seed oil and sesame seed oil, depending on the day/my mood.

    The thing that I have found by reading many many (I get tired of doing this really ><) bottles of de-frizzer is that what these companies mean by "de-frizzer" is the following translation: "We are going to de-frizz your hair by taking out all the curl thereby resulting in no frizziness." To me that is like saying, "Hello, we are now going to invade your country, kill your culture and then take it home with us, have a nice day." I combat frizz with moisture and more moisture, and yet more moisture. I am new to curliness too. I only started growing my hair into a medium length about a month ago and found out that I have curly hair. In the past, I only had had straight hair. I ran cross-country and track in school (I wasn't good, but it was fun) and had always cut it short, and living in an ultra-conservative area meant that long or medium hair on guys was a no-go.

    Washing: my suggestion is to drop the shampoo and conditioner unless the shampoo has no cones/xanes and the conditioner has no cones/xanes either. Tresemme Naturals No Silicons Conditioner is a good line. I have thick coarse medium to high porosity hair and this conditioner has done well for me. Also, for deep conditioning (and if you are starting to feed your curls properly then you will need to deep condition while in transition away from harmful products) I use an equal amount of olive oil, sesame seed oil and grape seed oil. During deep conditioning, do not be alarmed if your curls come out. Do not worry, you will get them back and they will be healthier and stronger for having had the deep conditioning.

    I do not clarify at this point, as I am not quite sure what to use. I took a good month and a half to get into a basic cg routine of just conditioning when the moisture is right for it. Watch out for "humectants". These things will do the opposite to the moisture content of your hair as has the atmosphere. Meaning, if it is wetter in the atmosphere than your hair then the humectant will move the moisture into your hair, if things are reversed the humectant will move moisture into the atmosphere. In other words it is water osmosis.

    In summary:

    Consider carefully the following ingredients in a product: Xan/Xane/Con/Cone- do not use, alcohol and salt- use only if you must ie. hard water, humectant- use if the weather is right for it, oils (alone no other things with them)- use as conditioner because coarse porous thick hair loves them.

    Suggested Washing Schedule: Condition every day, deep condition as often as you want/can/need (as you get into your cg routine you will figure out your own personal needs.), don't shampoo unless it is without Xan/Xane/Con/Cone.

    Unexpected Side-Effects may include: women approaching you for no apparent reason, women moving closer to you if already in close proximity, other men encouraging you to get a haircut because you are threatening their poder- jeje :), increased confidence and libido, cat-calls from women, increased appraising looks from women

    Cuidate bien, cuando tengas mas preguntas pues pregunta a nos. Estamos aqui conjuntos para nosotros incluso ti. Bienvenido amigo.
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    All hair types are different. Also, you have to co sider the type of curl you have as well has the type of curl you are wanting to have or maintain.

    I am naturally curl but at times I slick back and put into ponytail. The hair that's slicked down becomes straight after the day and hair hanging in my ponytail is extremely curly.

    So I have to do different things such as using "cones" and "sulfate" to wash out the cones and other times I just use all natural products. It all depends on the look I want to have for the week.

    All Sundays and Wednesdays are my deep conditioner days. And I make sure to use a little sulfate clarifying shampoo to strip all buildup off and that allows my deep conditioner to fully penetrate the hair.

    It is harder to maintain curls when going in-between wearing different hairstyles but you'll get a regiment after while.

    Also, sometimes combing with a big tooth comb to detangle can backfire because it separates the natural curl segments. Be careful.

    You can COWash as much as possible just make sure to not use CONES in ingredients cause it can buildup over time. Just use a clarifying shampoo maybe once every two weeks if you do condition it daily.

    To find if you can simply wash with the conditioner just put some in the hair and if it offers a slight sudsiness or little bubbles then ditch the shampoo and only use conditioner.

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    Well thanx alot. U guys really sound like u no wat ur doing so ima just play around with these techniques and c what works best for me.
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    Also, try some of the other websites cause this one caters to needs of women hair that's why the "curly guys" link is almost listed 10th on the list :)

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