Chi-Town Ladies: Do you know a good stylist?

laniseworkslaniseworks Posts: 170Registered Users
I need a cut something serious; I have loads of split ends and its breaking :thumbdown:
I'm looking for someone in the Chicago area that can hook me up without chopping it all off. Maybe some color too but not the primary objective.
Any recommendations?


  • laniseworkslaniseworks Posts: 170Registered Users
    Anyone been to a decent stylist in Chicago?
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    Sorry, wish I could be of help. Just popping in to say I feel your pain. Not many people willing or able to deal with natural hair, at least not what I've encountered. Which is why I've resorted to doing my own hair.

    There's this salon in Flossmoor, not sure if you're close to there. They do natural hair but they just heat style it. And they have curl prejudice. The name is Yehia but I'd be lying if I say I recommend I think it's an Aveda salon. But you know what they say, one man's trash... (not that they're trash but just because I've had bad experiences there and I know other people that have had negative experiences doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a bad experience too. It's highly probable...) At least you can give them a look see if you want. I think they do consultations
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    I got a Deva cut from Sara at Cally's Curls in Rogers Park last month. I was happy with the cut, and I plan to go back for my next trim. The cheaper (regular, non-Deva) cut probably would have been just as good.
    Sara took time with my hair and didn't need to straighten it in order to cut it.

    I didn't get the impression that they do a lot of natural hair there, even though Rogers Park has oodles of black people. The salon has only been open since October, so maybe they'll get more black women coming in over time.

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    There was a girl I used to see at Why Knot? on Randolph in the West Loop the first time I went natural, but she moved back to Jersey I believe. At least she was saying that on one of the last times I saw her. They have a cool environment and everyone there seemed to know what they were doing. I wasn't into natural hair my first time around, just had to get rid of overprocessed hair, so I never fully knew what they were using, etc. I do know they made their own natural products. I got my hair in two strand twists and sometimes blow out. They've been around a long time, so check them out. I may call them up myself. I'm always in the area.

    Tawanna Patrick has a salon Nu Bgns. Its in Oak Park, I believe. Never been though.

    Everyone else I know either don't really like to do natural hair or are very expensive (Amazon in the South Loop), but there has to be more good natural stylists around the area.

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    Christian Fields it's on 64th and Cottage Grove here's the website Christian Fields Style Bar
  • laniseworkslaniseworks Posts: 170Registered Users
    Thanks so all your responses!

    @ CocoT- Thats whyI'm asking. I'm trying to avoid leaving somene's shop with a bald fade or paying for a worse job thatn I could have down to myself for free. I'm down with doing my hair in every other way except for a cut. Not only do I have split ends but I need a shape cause I got afro mullet thing going on when I wng.

    I'm going to check out some of these places and make a decision for when I head back to the states.
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    mj11051 wrote: »
    Christian Fields it's on 64th and Cottage Grove here's the website Christian Fields Style Bar

    +1 I have heard very good things about them. If you are up north try DMP's in Evanston Owner/Stylist Dawn - she is very good. Also, Zuni's @ Lincolnwood mall - Stylist's name is Arkita she does my teenage daughter's hair.
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