Straight hair pressure.

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I'm new here, and I just wanted to say how glad I am I found this website. This is exactly what I needed to get through my teenage years facing the pressure to look good. Every day I wake up wondering, "What will my hair look like today? Will it be flat and manageable enough to wear down, or will I have to resort to wearing it up?" (I wear my hair up nine times out of ten, resulting in a deep dent in my hair. Plus, with all of my "wispies" being curly and not lying flat against my head, it doesn't look that great even with a headband.)

I hate only feeling pretty when wearing my hair straight. It feels unnatural greasy, because of the heat protection and smoothing products I put in it. I love how my hair feels soft and fluffy when natural... but not so much how it looks. It takes around 50 minutes to straighten my hair, so it isn't exactly a possibility to straighten it every day. I don't have the time or patience. And even though my friends are always saying how jealous they are of my curls, they also always say, "Let's straighten your hair!" Before every dance or public outing.

Why couldn't I have grown up in the Farrah Fawcett days, when my hair was cool? ;) (Oh, I have 3b hair.)


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    well, i have 3a hair, and i feel you... :cry: i straightened my hair for the first time EVER before a jr high dance. i got LOTS of compliments. but i almost never get any compliments on my au natural hair! :scratch: every once in a while someone will say either "your hair looks good today!" or " kinda looks crunchy" i think that every girl/boy just needs to find the right PRODUCTS to work with their hair. :thumbright: i havent mastered it yet-but i think im getting close. here are the products i use....
    SHAMPOO: Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration"
    CONDITIONER: Pantene ProV System "Dry to Moisturized
    STYLING PRODUCTS: Ringlet 07, Sammy (its in a short, fat-ish yellow squeeze bottle)
    i still need to get some kind of gel to HOLD my curls together...otherwise its a bunch of little ringlets curling into big ringlets. but i hope the gel will help with that to get me the smexyy curls i want ;-)
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    I feel the same way. I have 4a hair but I usually wear it wavy (after I take down braids at night) but I hate when a big event is coming up and people look at me like "umm.. you're gonna straighten your hair right?" or "why don't you ever do your hair?" and it's like... "umm... just because I don't run a straightener through my hair daily does not mean it isn't done"

    Anyways, for the flyaways and the dents I use bobby pins. I don't even use hair ties anymore unless I'm in a rush. I usually just get like 20 bobby pins and put my hair in a bun and then pin everything up. It keeps everything in place. I really want to invest in some banana clips and some ouchless clips as well. Also, you can use chopsticks to tie up your hair and when you let it down instead of a dent you'll have a pretty wave.

    For the daily straightening thing do a "wrap" for your hair when you sleep. You pretty much use your entire head as a big roller and wrap all of your hair around it using clips to keep it in place and then when you unclip it in the morning it should still be nice and straight :) and I use spray protectant instead of a lotion based one because it doesn't weigh my hair down as much and I can usually stretch to 5 days without washing my hair if I use that apposed to 3 days.
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    I really hate to use the cliche, but I so wish I had loved my hair when I was younger. All through junior high and high school (and most of college), I flat ironed my hair constantly to fit in. Looking back, I really did fit in, but so much so that I wasn't unique. It wasn't until just the end of last year (the middle of my senior year in college) that I ditched my flat iron and started embracing my curly hair.

    Are you using the CG method? Have you tried it? If not, that can make all the difference. My curls did not look good before I started that program. Hence why I always flat ironed my hair.

    You have already done what I did last year: realized that wearing your hair straight isn't natural and makes it greasy- the exact reasons why I stopped flat ironing. Hopefully you can find new ways to nourish and style your curls so they look great! Keep it up and try not to blend in with all the boring straight haired girls. (Nothing against girls with straight or flat ironed hair, its just everywhere!)

    I also wish I was alive when big, curly hair was in, alas I was born at the tail end of the 1980's and grew up in the stick-straight-hair-is-in 90's.
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    I agree with ^ even though it is a cliche, you'll love your curls for life! :) Definitly try checking out the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey because it makes a world of differance. Seriously. Another thing is having confidence in YOUR own hair. I get compliments from the people I go to school with almost every day, but I don't think I would if I wasn't pro-curly hair :) Just my two cents!
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    Hey gurlly...I feel yyour pain. My friends always say i have gorgeous curls. Im 13 and i always straighten my hair....i never wore it curly to school until this year actually. I just pin one side over and wear my best make up and go. It looks really good. Try it. EMBRACE YOUR CURLS!!!!!!!!! I have 3b/c hair btw
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    Boy do I feel you!
    I also have 3b hair, and to top it off, I live in the tropics. Even when I straightened my hair, I just couldn't escape the frizz. Now I use different mousses and I deep condition. My hair still hasn't recovered from the months of burning it went through (I straightened it nonstop from September to February with a teensy break while I was away for Thanksgiving) but there has been signifgant improvement.
    My 8th grade dance is comign up in a month, and I guaruntee I won't be straightening my hair :D

    Putting down the flatiron is one of the best decisions I've made about my hair. I'm so glad I've still got all of high school ahead of me to rock these curls.
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    I FEEL YUR PAIN! lol. im slowly learning to love my kinks/napps/waves :] however it is a very, very slow process with all of the pressure to straighten my hair. in the black community i feel that it is even worse. you are expected to have yur hair silky and straight, whether it is your own hair or a weave and i feel that it is just ridiculous. i wish that more people of my community would just accept my hair!:afro:

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    I know how ya feel sometimes I don't anymore but up until I was about 5 I had a fro but my curls started losening up so by hair is like a 3c now
  • jojouhgogojojouhgogo Posts: 43Registered Users
    my hair has never been a fro. its always been pretty much like thiss. but to most of my friends and family, since it tends to poof out, its not "good" enough to wear. i thinkblack hair is beautiful, i wishh others would too

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    i know what you mean. the amount of of compliments i get when my hair is straightened and the inevitable "why don't that u do that more often?". then the inevitable reply from me "because i can't be bothered to stand there for over an hour damaging my hair some more". i admit i look nice with straight hair but its so stressful to get right. :ncool:

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