DYING for a pixie, but not sure!

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Alrighty :) So I've been dying to get a pixie, but not quite sure my hair will be straight enough. This is how my hair was a few years ago when I had it nice and long. Im the blondie here.
But, I cut it back into a bob a couple years ago, soon after that photo. It poofs up when I brush it with a soft brus hand its dry.
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When I get out of the shower it gets pretty curly, like more towards the middle/ bottom of the long hair photo. But other then that, its just 2b and sometimes 2c. The longer I go without wetting it, the straighter it gets. I want to get side bangs over the forehead, and a pixie. But I'm not sure if it will curl up. My hair is the thickness level it usually is right now because its super dry, I just woke up 3 hours ago and brushed it with a sft brush then, and I washed it yesterday. But my hair in the back underneath because of the bob is very short, about the length of the bangs I want to get but they're shorter. This is how they are...
And this is my bob.


This is the pixie I want to get, Winona Ryder's second one.


So, I think Im going to get my bangs cut again,( I have NO photos of me with bangs! darnt) and depending on the way they curl and wave I'll decided if I'll cut the whole mane. Whats your opinion, yay or nay?


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    Someone else recently got a wavy pixie. Perhaps do a search within the last month or two for pixy and see what you find. Hers came out looking great.

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    hmmm......ive also thought about getting shorter hair. ive been growing mine out since this last fall or so, but i dont like it. im thinking that maybe just getting some layers will help, but just like you im afraid cuttin it short will make my hair curl too much and poof. both with my bangs and hair...(i dont have bangs but i want to get em). and you dont have to brush your hair every morning. when i take a shower, i have a comb in there that i use to detangle my hair with in the begining. after i get out i towel dry my hair slightly and use a diffuser and then products. NO BRUSHES AFTER THE SHOWER. it causes breakage and frizz for me, and your problem sounded similar to mine. hope this helps! :)
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    Again, should I? One more thing, how can I convince my protective anti- hair dying mother to let me temperarily dye my hair? She's letting me bleach it a little with lemon and peroxide over the summer.
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    dying your hair can actually make it very shiny and soft. i knew one chick in my class died her hair (it was straight so it had TONS of shine anyways) and it looked really smooth and nice and silky. maybe one of those natural ingredients ones like garnier fructis or something...?
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    So first of all, you probably wont have hair EXACTLY like Winona Ryder's as she does have that pin straight hair.
    My sister actually, who's a 2c/3a recently got a bob (Sorry I dont have any pics on my computer) it's a little longer than the one you want but anyway hers is actually curlyier than ever, she has there adorable Shirley Templesuque curls which is cute, and she's 12 so the short hair makes her look older which she loves! :)
    So go for it! Hair always grows back! :lol:
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    First of all, great choice in picking Winona as your inspiration--I love her. Second, I think you could pull it off. I do love your current haircut, and when it was longer too. Ask your hairdresser for an opinion, I find that helps a lot. Hair does always grow back, as curlycat said!
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