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at night i always put on a silk bonnet to protect my hair as i sleep. But I've noticed that in the morning my thick 3b/3c hair has a rather funny shape and has extremely shrunk. has this ever happened to you? are there any alternatives to bonnetts? thxxxx

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    Yep, there are definitely alternatives. You could try just sleeping on a silk/satin pillow case alone. Or use your satin pillow case and wear your hair in a ponytail or braid instead of the bonnet.
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    yepp same thing happened to me .. i bought a satin pillowcase from Sally's for like $7 or $8, and i haven't needed the bonnet since. it isn't as drying to my hair as my cotton pillowcase was. hope you find what helps you.
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    Mine does too, but if I'm not going to wash/co-wash that morning, I just spritz my hair with my aloe juice/water mix. After I spritz, I shake and then it pretty much falls back out in place.
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    Lol yup this has happened to me! Good alternatives are wrapping in a scarf instead of a bonnet or the satin pillowcase thing the other ppl mentioned.

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