2a to 2b and fast!

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i have three types of hair(look at my signature).the 2a covers everything else-in other words, i have the straight version of an east west down pat :shock::oops:.what im trying to do is get more curl in the 2a hair, so people can see that my hairs not poufy, its curly.any way to do this :?:
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    If you haven't gotten the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey, do so! Other things to help:

    *Get away from sulfate shampoos and either use conditioner to wash with or use low/non-sulfate shampoos sparingly.

    *Get a microfiber towel (look in the auto section of Walmart).

    *Use some curl-enhancing products. The two store brands I can think of right now is either Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Cream (use in soaking wet hair) or L'Oreal's Out of Bed Instant Texture.

    Hope this helps get your curls coming to life :wink: .
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    If you want it really fast, doing a half-up with your 2a hair should reveal the wavier 2b hair beneath :)
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