New deepwater drilling permits in the Gulf

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Shell permit for new drilling is a post-spill first | Business | - Houston Chronicle

I'm angry about this, not so much even that it is happening, but that greedy-azzes are griping about lack of "progress" being made in the resuming of drilling in the Gulf. I understand that it is a slow process, but I have no confidence whatsoever in the "quality assurance" of this work.

There is no assurance whatsoever that the malfunction in the BP well will not occur again, and when it does, can be remedied. It took months of investigation just to find the cause. It just sickens me how the legal threats are shrugged off since apparently they're sure there will be "little human impact" or "no human threats." Does the whole concept of ecoystem mean nothing? I guess not to oil tycoons. A part of me wants this to happen again on a larger scale so we can be fully reminded of the human impact. It's never human life that suffers the most though.

Am I the only person that is upset with this, and more upset with Obama? This is the first time since being registered to vote that I will not be voting in the presidential election. One side is as bad as the other any more.


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    Honestly, i don't think anything will change until something so horrible happens that whales are washing up on shore of the private beaches of the rich and famous.

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