Products for 4yo?

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I'm looking for some not-too-expensive products for my 4yo curly daughter. I'm not sure how I'd type her hair; it ranges from wavy to fat, Shirley Temple type curls--I can't really tell at this point how it will grow, and I think the products I've been using aren't helping the curl. It's still silky and fine in texture.

I also have curly hair, but mine is thicker and curlier (I'd say a 3b). I'm using Deva, and it works great for me, but it's expensive to use on a child who needs to wash her hair every day. The cheaper silicone-free conditioners (like Garnier) are terrible--I'm having better luck with the better-quality silicones. She gets actual dirt in her hair, and it's not very dry or fragile (it holds up very well to daily shampooing), so I want to stick with a detergent based shampoo. She hates having her tangles combed, so I need a conditioner with good slip.

I know this isn't as informative as it could be, but I'm not much of a product experimenter. I used the same products for a decade until a stylist told me about Deva. Any ideas? I'd like something that's relatively easy to get (I do live near Ulta, at least!)



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    I usually don't use a lot in my girls hair. I have 2 , one is 5 and the other also 2.

    I use water first, then Giovanni direct leave in and coconut oil. Works great for both of them. I may switch out the leave in for pure orange butter sometimes too.

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    i've been having a lot of success with kinky curly products. my daughter will be 4 and her curls respond well to the knot today leave in and the curling custard. i shampoo her once a week with any sulfate free shampoo (right now she has burts bee's) and i co wash with a natural cone free conditioner (she breaks out from herbal essences).

    eta: you can get all of those products at target.
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    MopTop's Fuzzy Duck brand for kids is great. All of their products are silicone free. A lot of them are also sulfate free. I just ordered the Fuzzy Duck Anti-Frizz gel because I heard so many great things about it. Be aware that the shampoo IS NOT tear free. So if keeping the eyes open during a shampoo are an issue, I'd suggest something else.

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