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I'm in the military and was out in Japan since April of 2010. Before I left out to Japan I did a big chop (well I went and got a caesar). I've been growing it ever since and I've manage to grow 5 inches in length. After the earthquake, and being stress on my Childs safety and all I am back in the states for a few weeks. Since there isn't anyone out in japan that really knows how to do hair I decided to treat my self to a protective style (a sew in, someone else did it) I kept my style in for a total of 4 days ( something about the hair bothered me) as I was taking out the end of the braid I noticed my hair was scabbed and a big section of hair came out. When I seen it I couldn't do anything but cry. My family said that they wanted to see the spot of hair that was missing and every last one looked at it as if they seen someone get shot. I'm pretty sure my hair was tight and I didn't realize but how should I go about growing that section back? Should I cut it all off and start over again?are there any products that could use?


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    aww sorry this happend :(

    Have you tried a cayanne pepper scalp treatment to increase blood flow to scap and hair growth? I do this about 2-3 times in 1 week and have had 2 inces of hair growth in 3 months. plus it feels really good. I just mix the cayanne pepper with olive oil and apply to scalp, you can look this up for for information

    also you can take biotin which help hair growth

    and just have patience, itll grow back =)


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    Glad you and your child are safe. That must have been terrifying!
    It's my understanding that weaves are not good for your hair. The tension required to attach the hair damages the hair.
    Consider a clip in hair piece.

    A lot of deployed women have traction alopecia from the helmet. Only thing to help is to be very kind to your hair when you can. No traction= very important. Treat your hair like a delicate piece of fine old lace.

    Things to help
    do not use any heat styling products

    make sure your diet is balanced and you're getting adequate protein.

    make sure your iron levels are good

    Rogain can help. I've been using it for 6 months now (approx) and it does help.

    Biotin- consider adding it to your diet. I'm taking 10000mcg a day
    Add a high quality omega 3 fatty acids to your diet

    Get adequate sleep
    Massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow. I like to use a shampoo brush from Sally's

    Essential Oils to help regrow hair
    Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Growth & Helping Hair Loss

    It takes a long time for hair to grow. It can be frustrating. If you're not seeing any results in a few months, consider seeing a doctor.
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    Thank you ladies... I went to the dermatologist and they are doing blood work at the moment I'm awaiting results. My hair went from an inch in diameter into Six in diameter. I encourage everyone reading this that if something is going on with you don't be afraid to go to your PCP (primary care physician) and ask questions the first doctor I wasn't my official doc. You can tell he just wanted to write me off. Since my post I have returned home to see my normal doctor ( which happened to walk with a full head of natural hard) she asked questions and dug deep and i found out I might have Lupus and that could be why Alopecia was triggered. The other doc didn't know what to do. This man didn't even bother to waste a pair of gloves on me. I am still angry about it. I'm trying no to stress out but I can't help it no matter how much of a big girl I am
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    I was diagnosed with lupus 15 yrs go.
    You must have other unexplained symptoms with hair loss being one?
    Lupus.org is a great site. Theres a list of criteria, explanation of the bloodwork, medication info, etc.
    Be sure to see a rheumatologist for a real diagnosis. Non-rheumies understand lupus on a basic level but you really want to see an expert. You wouldnt want a podiatrist to treat your heart condition. Lupus is far too complicated and the medications too dangerous to easily accept a diagnosis from a pcp especially since there are no tests which guarantee a diagnosis. Lupus is diagnosed by elimination- meaning all other diseases must be ruled out first.
    Ive dealt with this disease for a long time. If you want to talk or have questions, you can contact me crimsonshedemo at hotmail dot com

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