What can I make with these ingredients?

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so I just got back from Whole Foods, and this is what I got-

golden flax seeds
lavender essential oil
peppermint essential oil
grapeseed oil
vegetable glycerine
Jojoba oil (Dessert essence)
Apricot oil
distilled water

now, i already have the recipe for FSG, but can i make it with the golden flax seeds? does using gold instead of normal make a difference? (I've been wanting to make this for months!)

now, a few more questions.

1. is grapeseed OIL a preservative? i got the oil, because I couldn't find any extract.
2. can i make some kind of curl moisturizing spray with the oils/glycerine? I couldnt find any aloe vera gel/juice..
3. any recipes for ANYTHING, that i could make with what I have?

i also have coconut oil, avocado oil, and extra virgin olive oil.

i'm really just looking for definers, moisturizers, etc.
this heat is killing my hair!


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    I prefer using the golden flax seeds myself, I think the gel is a prettier color than the brown.

    NO grapeseed oil is NOT a preservative! (The extract isn't either.) Keep your concoctions is the fridge for up to two weeks.

    Also keep your open bottle of grapeseed oil in the fridge too, it has a naturally short shelf life before it goes rancid and keeping it in there will help it last longer.

    As for recipes? The search button is your friend and so is experimenting with small batches with very good notes. Our hair is all very different, what works awesome for one, could make someone else's hair look awful.

    You do have some nice ingredients to start playing with. Just go easy using the essential oils. They're very strong and if used in too high a concentration, your could end up harming yourself. I'd say start with no more than 12 drops EO per fluid ounce of liquid. That makes a 2% dilution. They are also heat sensitive, so if you're making the flax seed gel, add them once the gel has cooled down.

    HTH & have fun!:thumbright:
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