HELP please!!! need advice from an expert CG

I used to be a type 3a curl but now I've noticed my hair is growing in STRAIGHT! The bottom section of my hair is now wavy and the top section is actually pretty straight! I am soooo disappointed, I really miss my curly hair and I do no know what to do with my half wavy/half straight hair : ( Needless to say I loved my curls and always got compliments... I really want my curls back! Even my boyfriend misses them!

I have heard curls can be hormonally responsive. I was born with curly hair and after my first hair cut my hair was straight. Then when I hit puberty my curls were back! I am almost 23 years old and am wondering if a change in hormones are affecting my hair? All the women in my family have curly hair so its weird to me that only my hair is becoming straight!

I have not made any changes in my products/styling routine and I have been getting my hair cut by a stylist who specializes in curls.
I'm willing to try anything, if anyone has any suggestions for how to get my curls back I would greatly appreciate it!!!!! thanks : /