Transitioning Frustration!!

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Ugh! I've been stalking NC for a few months now but just registered today because I need some help!! I am 30 and have been relaxing for 5 years. I have 3c type hair and my last relaxer was mid October 2010. I decided to try going natural (1)because I have seborrheic dermatitis and my scalp is irritated often which makes getting a touch up difficult. So at 13 weeks when it was time for one, I just decided not to go through the pain (I also think my hair is thinning in the front a little because of the SD...and (2)because the first year or so that my hair was relaxed, I had a beautiful wave pattern when it was wet, but now, it's just straight and limp wet! I can't wear a 'wash and go' anymore! As far as transitioning goes, things were going ok until last month. I am still straightening my hair by blowdrying, then flat ironing just like I have for the past 5 years my hair has been relaxed. After reading these forums, I realized that I really should not be using as much heat, but I like my hair straight. Well, I like it straight when I want it straight, but when it's wet, I want it curly. Anyway, now that I have a few inches of new growth, things are getting more difficult. My hair is breaking when I blowdry it, but because there is such a drastic difference between my natural hair and my relaxed ends, I don't know what else to do as far as styles go. I also have layers so my hair ranges in length from collarbone length to midback. At this point, I'm considering relaxing again, but once it's done, it's done so I want to hear from you all first. How did you guys do it?! It's funny that I've only been relaxing for 5 years but it feels like forever!! I've forgotten how to deal with my natural hair!! ((Sorry my post is so long :rolleyes:))


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    Have you considered transitioning styles? Like bantu knot outs, twist outs, braid outs, buns, things that will keep you from wanting to go back to the creamy crack? These styles helped me keep from going back to the perm during my transition; I was a stan for my twist out.

    Also try youtubing some transition styles or protective styles as they are more commonly known.


    Welcome to NC.
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    My hair is at a weird length right now where it's not long enough to be "long" but I didn't cut it short enough to have a cute short cut. I just let it dry fluffy and curly and put in a ponytail. If I try putting the wet hair in a ponytail that is ugly, but letting it dry and getting big and fluffy and then putting it in one is cute.

    I think I will mostly do those or low buns. That's a tip if you are lazy like me, or if your relaxed hair doesn't have much hold.

    My hair doesn't hold well enough for any of the transitioning styles, plus I am too lazy.

    I was relaxed for 17 years so I dunno, with five I think you should bounce back soon! Good luck!
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    I suffer from SD as well so I completely understand your pain. As far as transitioning it's all about will power. If it is something that you really want to do, then go for it. FYI it's normal to have breakage where your natural hair meet the relaxed hair. Also if you were using so much heat on your hair then that will cause breakage as well. For starters you need to really nuture your hair(conditioning/moisturizing) to combat the breakage. Also try different transitioning styles braid-outs, twist-outs, flat twist, bantu knots, roller sets, rod sets, microbraids, sew-ins etc. the list goes on and on. Also you you try cowashing (conditioner washing) twice a week, or whatever works for you. Definitely use as little heat on your hair as possible. If you are looking for shampoos/conditioners that work good for SD sufferers try Shea Moisture Black Soap shampoo and conditioner, they both work well with cleansing the scalp and relieving the ichy scalp, while also moisturizing your hair. Be patient with your hair and it will do what it needs to do. Hope this advice has helped some!!!:thumright:


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    DONT relax! You can do this!:cheers:

    Reaserch on youtube.They can really help with transition.

    have you tried braids? as a protective style to reduce breakage.

    You came to far just to give up.
    Have fun!:thumbleft:
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