Extremely Heat Damaged Hair... HELP!

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Over the last year or two my hair has been completely killed by flat ironing it too much. The last few months I've kept away from heat all together, tried different hair products, even homemade hair treatments but nothing seems to be helping. My hair barely curls at the roots and it's basically straight now. I use to have really healthy, full 3A/3B curls so not having it now is completely depressing.:sad7:
Also, do you know of any nonexpensive hair care products I can use ?


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    Well first things first, welcome to NC.com. ^_^

    Um, with heat damage you can do two things . . you can try proteing treatments like Aphogee 2 Step Protein Pack, you can buy it at Sally's for like two bucks. You might need more than one pack though since they're resonably small. The protein may help restore some of the curl, it's not guaranteed.


    You can BC (big chop) cut off the hair that's damaged and start from scratch. Or you can let it grow out and trim the damaged bits until it's all completely gone and your hair curls again.

    Oh and stay away from the flat iron, blow dryer, etc.

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    Ok well it's hard when u do that ur hair will never be the same but here is some tips to get it healthy and looking nice again! Use a leave in conditioner at the least every other day , in the shower when u r rinsing out the conditioner rinse with Luke warm water also a good hair treatment is this stuff at walgreens it is like carrot something.... I forget the name .... It's like $5 and it looks really gross from the bottle but it is amazing!!!! Also if ur hair is getting frizzy or coarse Shea butter does magic!
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    Thank you both so much ! I will definately try everything you've suggested. Pray for me !
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    The same thing happened to my hair, I completely fried it by using the straightening iron. After a year of rarely straightening it, my hair is as healthy as it has ever been. A really good shampoo and conditioner that brought my hair back to life is ISO BouncyCleanse and ISO BouncyCondition. It's a little prices, but very worth it. Also, try getting the ends cut and layers cut, to spring your curls back up. Worked for me, good luck! <3<3 Jessica Alexa

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