Got the DevaCurl tester + travel kit

Yeah so I got, the No-poo, One Condition, set it free, and Angell. I loved the angell and set it free! The One Condition was good. Super moisturizing. But I wouldn't get it again. It's really expensive. The no-poo was good too. But I can live without it. (Also, really expensive)

The angell and set it free are AMAZING. The angell feels like you're almost putting conditioner in your hair (unlike my other gel). And doesn't leave even a little crunch.
The set it free I really liked to revive second day and third day hair. But I found like most people have that you can't spray it directly on your hair. Your hair gets all sticky feeling. I sprayed it on my hands and scrunched it in.

On second and third day hair I used to just spray home-made lavender mist. Which worked. But my hair still looked a little slept on. The set it free made my curls less frizzy and more defined. Also added shine. It's pretty expensive. But since I use only one small spritz every day it lasts a long time.

I'm definitely getting both of them again. I'm still looking for products though. Mostly styling products. So if anybody has any suggestions... :)
3a, 3b (corkscrew)
Texture: mostly medium except for some messed up parts on top which are coarse.
Porosity: High
Location: Israel
Haircut: I got my hair majorly thinned!!! Best thing I ever did!

Still looking for the perfect products! And trying to deal with hard water!