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Hi, I am only just starting my CG journey but I am keen!
My hair is very fine and blonde and I have a major problem with how my hair looks for years, basically the upper layers are dry, brittle looking (no splits though) and are pretty straight, the under layers look like the sort of hair you get on a small child! Its lovely and curly! The problem is when I dry my hair I get a weird "step" which seems to be caused by the straighter upper layers lying on top of the curls, this makes the straight bit sort of stand out :banghead: I am hoping that going CG will help to bring out ALL of my curls but I am unsure if they will, what do you think???


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    Hi Gilly07 :p welcome!

    I am pretty new to CG too (been doing it for a few months) and have had mixed results so far. There is no guarantee that going CG will give you curls but I guess the key is finding your perfect product combo!
    If you are looking after your curls and keeping them hydrated and fresh then they will do their thing.

    I have very fine hair too and have found that I am now getting curls happening at the ends of my hair. I also have better lift at the crown of my head whereas before I had the dreaded flat-top lol.

    Not sure how you are styling your hair atm, but have you tried scrunching in your gel or mousse, especially in the straight layers, to encourage curl? If you have wavier hair you could also try doing that thing where you pin the top layers in loops (think it's in the CG book, sorry for being vague)?

    Anyway, good luck and keep us posted! (oh and thanks for giving me an excuse not to start doing my uni homework hahaha)

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    New to the CG revelation!
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    Happy to oblige! I hated homework!!

    I find the ends curl like crazy but the rest of it just looks dry and frazzled, I know it gets curlier when its well hydrated but keeping it hydrated is one hell of a battle!
    I found Apivita mask for dehydrated hair and its truly amazing and I'm pretty sure its CG friendly (I will check my tube later) I am at the moment sitting here with a 50/50 mix of Mastey frehair and honey, that I microwaved for 30 seconds, its been on for nearly two hours so I am going to rinse it off soon and just let it air dry, I am hoping that it will pump some moisture in it, I plan on doing it a few times this week!
    What is your routine Red?
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    At the moment I am co-washing with Pears moisturising conditioner and then using Tresemme naturals conditioner as my rinse-out. To style I put in a little L'Oreal Elvive masque and then scrunch in gel.
    I ran out of Schwarzkopf Taft gel so am using the Fructis 24hour gel (but don't like it as much as the Taft one...). I air dry for maybe 15-30 mins and then diffuse dry and de-crunch.

    I didn't really like the Garnier Fructis conditioner (cone-free) as a rinse out simply because of the smell - they are so overloaded with fragrance it turns me off! The Fructis 24 hour gel is similarly stinky but it's also soooooo sticky

    I am at the very beginning of my CG journey. Have noticed better curl definition and lift. Fortunately I didn't have to go through a greasy transition period when I gave up the shampoo as I have very fine red hair that has never been oily :mrgreen:
    Aussie curly

    3a/3b strawberry blonde

    New to the CG revelation!

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