I want to go Natural

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Hi , I'm Taylor . 15 , African American-Indian. I have about 14 inches of hair, Its dyed and I have a great natural curl pattern in the back but not in the front. My hair is super healthy , I keep it up , but I've been thinking about going Natural, any tips on how to style my hair or how to even start ? I usually braid it up with conditioner or do the twistys. Any tips on how to make the front of my hair curl or how to style it in the process. I've never had a perm or anything if that helps.


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    Do you use a lot of heat? The reason the front may not curl is because of heat damage if that's the case.

    Try doing a protein treatment to see if you can restore the curl pattern a bit, it won't be exactly the same as the rest of your hair, but it'll help a bit until it grows out or until you cut/trim.

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    Take a little gel in ur hand and take a section from the front ( about as big as your other curls) and twist it then do it to all the sections that do that use a light gel so ur hair does not get crunchy! Let it air dry! Also a cute hairstyle when ur having those days when u don't want to style the front is take all the front sections and pull them back in a pony tail so a half updo I guess then accessorize with a flower!

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