New Experience: Hair DRY after coloring

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I need some help, please! :laughing2: I recently got my hair colored at a different salon than I usually go to. The old salon was a Regis chain and I had issues when I found out that for the past two years they had been using a demi-permanent color on my hair and leading me to believe that it was permanent. Explains why it would wash out after 3 washings...I have a lot of premature gray hair for my age and I have been trying to maintain my natural color which is a red/brown. A positive thing about the Wella color that Regis used is that my hair never felt dry afterwards, although it burned like crazy and caused my scalp to peel. A necessary evil, I felt.

So, about three weeks ago, I went to a salon that uses Scruples hair dye. The process was fine, no burning at all with it and the red is still sticking around. However, my hair has seemed drier ever since. I low-poo with Devacare which always left my hair feeling soft, and now it feels brittle and hard like a SLS shampoo. My conditioner Elucence MBC does nothing to increase moisture either.

I don't know what to do about this. I'm wondering if it was the chemical process now, although I've been trying to blame it on everything else (protein, hard water, build-up, you name it). I am at a loss to the cause. Any ideas?

Oh, and I made it worse by using a hard water build-up clarifier last night. So now my hair is like hay and STRAIGHT. Yikes.
Curltype:Fine, 2C underneath, Mostly 3A, with some 3B thrown in there. Normal porosity.
Shampoo: Elucence, clarify with sulfates 1x per month
Conditioner: Elucence MBC,
Products: Devacurl Angel, LALSG
I can't go totally CG as it weighs my hair down FAST. Hard water.
Bad haircut finally starting to grow out and look normal again!

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