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Hi, I'm new. :D
I used to straighten my hair a lot until an evil hair stylest (if you can call her that) gave me a gross mullet in July and I have been wearing my hair curly ever since. I relax it and get a 3b curl and if I didn't it would be a 3c or 4a naturally. I also used to curl my straight hair with a curling iron and hot rollers but everytime I stepped outside, within 5 minutes, my hair would poof out, loose the curl, and become very dry and sticky from the hair spray.
For the one's who give themselves barrel curls, how do you keep the curl from limping? I've tried a lot of different hair sprays (all extra strong hold) and none of them are strong enough but still leave some of my hair stiff.

Thank you in advanced, and I'm sorry this turned out to be kind of long...

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