GTTT Con, anyone that ALWAYS has success with it?

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I ask due to the fact that being on my 3rd bottle I'm considering purchasing a liter or gallon size BUT I've seen many post about it working for sometimes and not working other times. I've used it as a curl defining rinse out and a cowash. The only downsides are: I can't detangle with it which isn't a biggie that's what vo5 or dcing is for and occasionally I get that proteiny feeling from the protein so I'll use a moisturizing con after which I should do anyway.
I don't want protein build up nor do I want to waste money on something I can't depend on. What's your take?
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    Love it. :love1: It is my favorite co-wash. I use it, because my scalp itches, not specifically for any curl enhancement or anything. I have used it at least two years, though not every time I co-wash. But, I have not had any build up from it whatsoever. I haven't shampood since July of '08. I have not had any bad hair days from using this.

    They have changed the formula, it seems. I am finding ones with aloe now, and my hair hates it. Trader Joe's has pretty much the same conditioner called tea tree tingle. I bought eight bottles of it yesterday. :) It has no aloe and no glycerin. It's wonderful. And, it's 16 ounces for $3.99...much cheaper than the Giovanni. You could get some of those...bigger bottles, cheaper price.

    Hope this is of some use to you. :)
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