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piratecurlpiratecurl Registered Users Posts: 104 Curl Novice
I am going to get a Ouidad cut on Saturday. I don't plan on purchasing any products, because I have too many already. But I was wondering about Ouidad products. Are they CG or modified CG? Just in case I
can't resist the temptation to purchase another product!
Thanks and good night. :pirat:


  • mesuemesue Registered Users Posts: 244 Curl Neophyte
    A lot of them have cones so you have to check. The shampoos have sulfates, too.

    Some things I know are CG are the Daily Conditioner, the Pomade, Botanical Boost spray, and the Deep Treatment.

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    The curl booster tends to make my hair a bit greasy, and the leave-in has a strange effect as well. My hair is so on and off with products though, so it could just be me!
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  • dianemary126dianemary126 Registered Users Posts: 184
    how did the ouidad cut come out? i love ouidad products- been using them on and off for years..i don't use the shampoos because of the sulfates. the deep treatment is def worth the pennies, i do it twice a month, it's the foundation for my haircare to stay bouncy & healthy! i also really like the pomade as a finishing product, a little goes a long way. hope you enjoyed!
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  • slivolaslivola Registered Users Posts: 372
    I used to love their deep treatment- I forgot about that product! I wasn't crazy about any of the styling products though. One of the spray on ones made my hair feel too coated/lightly crunchy for my taste but I'm sensitive about that kind of feeling.
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  • piratecurlpiratecurl Registered Users Posts: 104 Curl Novice
    Thanks for the input. I'll let you know how the cut turns out.:pirate:
  • lovelycurls123lovelycurls123 Registered Users Posts: 47
    i bought a few ouidad products & honestly it's as good as any other cheap product. and it has cones in it & sulfates anyways. it's nothing special so I wouldn't spend your money on it it's like $100 for 4 things.
  • SpaghettiHeadSpaghettiHead Registered Users Posts: 1,510
    I use the Heat and humidity gel.....and I personally LOVE it. totally worth a once a week low poo
  • piratecurlpiratecurl Registered Users Posts: 104 Curl Novice
    Hi everyone. Thanks for your input. I left without buying any products:) William did not pressure me to buy anything. Got a great cut and had wonderful service. For any curlies in NC you might want to try William at Wavelengths in Durham. He was totally worth the hour and a half drive! :pirat:
  • Marci PieMarci Pie Registered Users Posts: 668 Curl Connoisseur
    I too went to Quidad and I actually bought the products and my hair hated them. While the products are better than alot of store products they are not completely CG.

    I get better results with my current regime.

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