Swimming and my hair

I am CG.

I need to loose some weight and for many reasons, we are coming down to the fact that I will need to join the Y and swim. I love to swim, but I am concerned about my hair.

I have a latex allergy, but I am going to see if I can hunt up a non-latex swimming cap. But there are times when I might want or need to go without. I am thinking especially during the summer when our neighborhood pool is open. There is such a thing as vanity, you know. :laughing5:

What should I keep in mind for my hair? Are there things I should use to clean out the chemicals? Please give advice!!!


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    In the Curly Girl book, there is a recipe for "Lemon Aid". It says that it will remove chlorine. "You combine the juice of one large lemon with your usual amount of conditioner. Apply the lemon conditioner to wet hair, then rinse". I'm guessing you would co-wash with it.

    I have also read that you can wet your hair with regular water before swimming and also maybe put some conditioner in it as well to protect it.

    Hope that helps some. :)
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