help! hairs not clumping!

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hello, i read the blogs but since in quite new to cg. i need to know how to start to get those big curly girl clumpy curls u guys have ive got 3b normal to course waist lenght when wet with curl also in the roots. right now as of today im naked only doing condish wash rinse, apply new conditioner to all except the crown so i dont go flat. can some one please tell me how to get my clumps going? oh yea and i comb out with wide tooth come every time i cond which is every other day. right now o look like a curly frizz naked head! although i did get one compliment on how they liked my hair. but i couldnt see how they liked it lol! please come to my rescue all my curly friends !! lisa45:occasion8:


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    If you're only using conditioner, you really do need a gel, or some styling product, in addition to conditioner. After you put conditioner on, put gel on, rake it thru, then scrunch with a flour sack towel or old T shirt. Then don't touch it til it's dry. Afterward, you can gently scrunch or squeeze, to break up the hard gel cast, and get rid of the wet look. When I say scrunch or squeeze, that's cos I can't scrunch the usual way, in an upward direction. It's too much handling for my hair, and I'll still get frizz. So I squeeze instead.
    Cowash: Suave Aloe and Water Lily
    Conditioner and Leave-in: GFTN
    LA Looks Sport Gel
    Coconut oil Or Olive oil at night

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