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Had to re-do my hair today and first go around I washed with the devacare no poo (I just didn't want to give up on it) and styled with [buylink=]arc angell[/buylink]. Got terrible results. Good curl on the right side of my head and good on top. Terrible in back - it was all stringy and on the left side, there were these huge round part curly part straight stuff going on. Back in the sink to rinse out and I used a tiny bit of no poo and some 3 min. aussie condish. Styled with [buylink=]arc angell[/buylink] and my salon care gel - results -- getting worse!! Not curling at all when diffusing.
Now I'm getting frustrated but I didn't want to give up! Back in the sink to rinse out with plain water.
Then I used OneC and styled with salon care gel and sprayed a few sprays of SIF and got GREAT hair!! I bet I get second day hair tomorrow too.
So.... I didn't think I could use oneC because I was getting weighted down but I was using it with devacare no poo also.
My hair was really dry and brittle feeling before all this and talking with someone else, it might be from the [buylink=]arc angell[/buylink]. I'm not going to completely give up on the [buylink=]arc angell[/buylink] tho. I think when summer comes, it might work better. Right now the air is SO dry outside, maybe I need more moisture.
I don't know with the ingredients in it... if it's better when the air is a bit more humid??
When we go to Hawaii, I'm taking the [buylink=]arc angell[/buylink].

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