Any great, cheap products out there?

littleirishcurlylittleirishcurly Registered Users Posts: 38
Well, fist off, I'm 13, and my mom does NOT like buying hair products for my curly hair. I usually try to save up my own money, and most of the time, if the product is really cheap, my mom will buy it. (that doesn't happen a lot) Iv'e tried garneir fructis products, but I have to put in alot to keep my hair under control all day. Then, it ends up looking all producty. I don't have a lot of time to style in the morning, so I cut my showers short, just so that I can have more time to style my hair. I'm wondering if you guys can recommend some great products that are cheap, and that don't require too much time. to put in. Thanks :)

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