Questions about Biotin

I have been reading here about hair supplements and vitamins. I've thought about biotin, but I'm wondering if it's true that it can thicken and strengthen hair ? My hair doesn't need more thickness, but it could use some more body if that makes sense. I didn't think it was possible to have thick hair and not volume. I'm actually not 100% sure it's thick, but it's the texture of Salma Hayek's if that helps. It also sometimes gets a frizzy cast to it - I don't know if that is because it's not healthy? It is probably over-processed. Maybe supplements can help this? Also wanted to ask if biotin does anything for the scalp. I have dry skin and scalp. I've tried oils - both external and internal use. Didn't help. I'm afraid with biotin, I'll get faster growth which I don't want. That is why most people take it, right? I like my hair the length it is now and don't wnt to always be cutting it. So sorry for so many questions! I'm curious about all of these things I'm reading about here!
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